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Why We’re Here

We publish guidebooks to amazing experiences and thrilling destinations around the world. We exist to satisfy our readers’ curiosity and wanderlust with practical guides to fascinating places.

What We Do

We create special-interest guidebooks, authored by travel writers with in-depth local knowledge and first-hand expertise. Each of our authors has lived and travelled for many years in the destinations they cover, providing personal recommendations and advice on the places they know and love.

100% Impartial

The information in our guides is 100% impartial and guaranteed free from any commercial influence. We never accept payment for positive coverage. All recommendations are given based on the author’s personal experience and judgement, and never in exchange for money or free services.

How We Make Money

We have to make money in order to keep creating great guidebooks.

The companies you see on our website pay us a small fee to be featured on our website and in our guidebooks. These companies have zero editorial influence on our guides.

These days most travel content you see on the web is either low-quality fluff or what is known as “sponsored content”. This is a type of advertisement disguised as normal editorial content.

We believe that readers deserve better. You can support our mission by spreading the word and booking your next trip through our website.

Travel Far, Travel Well

We believe that travel has the power to change ourselves as people and the world around us, usually for the better.

But we also know that irresponsible mass tourism can be culturally disruptive and environmentally damaging.

Running through all our guides is a common theme: that travel is best when we’re open, curious and mindful of our footprint. We’re on a quest to promote a vision of travel that is sustainable, responsible and adds to the world rather than taking away.

Our partners are all carefully selected small and independent operators who share our mission. You will never see a Horizon Guide on all-inclusive resorts or mega cruises. We’re here to celebrate real places, authentic experiences and mindful travel.

We’re proud to support the following organisations who are working to promote responsible tourism:

Who We Are

Matthew Barker

Matt has spent much of the last 10 years living abroad, including North and South America and SE Asia. He’s now back home in Sheffield, England, manning the fort at Horizon HQ and putting down some roots with his wife and their adopted Thai street dog.

Cynthia Ord

A seasoned travel writing pro, Cynthia has also spent many years on the road; primarily Africa and South America. Now in Denver, Colorado, she’s in charge of our editorial output and gets the enviable job of deciding what countries we’ll cover next.

Simon Ross-Gill

Simon is our creative genius and is responsible for turning words and photos into our beautiful travel guides. After many years in living in Peru, Simon is now back home on Scotland’s Isle of Arran.

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